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The origins of podwave studios

Podcasting is an effective way to educate audiences and engage with a loyal following. Individuals, businesses and brands are recognising how powerful these conversations can be and when combined effectively with social media platforms they can resonate with people of all ages. Podcasts cover a range of topics and reach global audiences. The headache for people when trying to start a podcast is having access to audio and video equipment, knowledge and a well developed strategy all at an affordable cost.

This is why we Started Podwave Studios

Podwave Studio addresses the pain points people experience when starting a podcast. The majority of podcasts never make it past 6 episodes. If you do, you are in the top 10% of shows globally.

Podwave Studio allows people to focus on creating the content instead of the frustrating technical issues that arise when recording. With a focus on the highest quality equipment available, Podwave Studios makes it easy for individuals, businesses and brands to start.

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What is a podcast?

Podcasts are a medium that helps present genuine and authentic conversations to audiences. The reach can be global and highly engaged.

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Podcasts that are focused on discussions and interviews have been the catalyst for the podcasts. It allows individuals and companies to express themselves to a captivated audience and promotes critical thinking.


People love stories and podcasts have helped revolutionise the way we enjoy them. The ability to articulate a narrative and engross audiences, blends the beauty of books and film together in one.

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