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Ben Kosterich is the co-founder of Podwave Studios. His career has been focused primarily on digital marketing and content creation throughout his young working career. As an up and coming entrepreneur, he has always looked to work in industries and take calculated risks on new projects. His podcast career started as a shark tank style discussion speaking with companies in novel food and alternative proteins which soon translated to an investor relations podcast speaking with CEOs from publicly listed companies and hedge fund managers globally. He has developed a niche skillset in the podcast sector and noticed opportunities to deliver genuine value to clients who are looking to generate captivating marketing content.

Ben Kosterich

Meet Ray Mancini, a distinguished co-founder of Podwave Studios, whose career trajectory is as dynamic as it is inspiring. Ray’s journey commenced in the demanding realms of law enforcement and defence, where he honed his skills in training and development on a global scale. This experience not only shaped his understanding of complex, high-stakes environments but also ingrained in him a profound sense of leadership and team dynamics.

Beyond the rigorous world of defence, Ray’s entrepreneurial acumen came to the forefront with the inception of Media Expressive. As a driving force behind this boutique digital media company, he has been instrumental in producing international documentaries focused on healthcare, showcasing his ability to capture compelling stories that resonate on a global stage. His expertise in marketing is further exemplified through successful campaigns for renowned international anti-aging and wellbeing products, blending innovative strategies with a deep understanding of consumer needs.

In the realm of law enforcement, Ray’s contributions have been nothing short of ground-breaking. His knack for marketing and advertising in this niche sector has set new benchmarks, highlighted by the production of a vast array of digital content and videos since 2009. This content not only reflects his creative vision but also his ability to communicate complex ideas in an accessible and engaging manner.

At Podwave Studios, Ray brings this rich tapestry of experiences to the table. His leadership skills, coupled with his coaching and training prowess, make him an invaluable asset to our team. His entrepreneurial journey and marketing expertise infuse our projects with a unique perspective, ensuring that we stay ahead of the curve in an ever-evolving digital landscape.

Ray Mancini is a blend of strategist, storyteller, and visionary – a unique combination that makes him an integral part of Podwave Studios’ success story.

Ray Mancini
Chutwat Thammachat - "Arm" a sound engineer and producer at Podwave Studios

Chutwat Thammachat, also known as “Arm,” is a producer at Podwave Studios. He learned music production at Chandrakasem Rajabhat University in Thailand. He gained three years of experience working for GMM Grammy, a big music label, at Polarbear Studios. There, he mixed TV shows like Iron Chef Thailand and worked with famous Thai pop artists. Arm also recorded voiceovers for FIFA Online.

After that, Arm went to SAE Institute in Perth, Australia, to study Audio Engineering. Now, he’s a Sound Engineer and Music Director at Six Senses The Quay. Arm loves creating amazing sounds and music experiences for everyone to enjoy.

Chutwat Thammachat - "ARM"

Producer and Sound Engineer

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