Our Services

What we offer

Podcast Production

Our team can help record your podcast and eliminate the hassle of technical problems.

Podcast editing

Let our team edit your audio and video content making it polished and professional for release.

Podcast distribution

We can host and upload your content whilst providing feedback and analytics at your request.

Strategy and Planning

We can help brainstorm and develop a strategy for your content to make sure value is crystallised.

Live streaming

Bring your podcast to life with our live stream functionality. Engaging your audience on another level.

Promotion Strategies

Let us employee techniques to boost your podcast's visibility and attract a loyal listener base.

How Our Podcast Studio works



Book a one-off or regular time slot that suits you.



Learn how to use the studio and start recording.



Edit and distribute your content to audiences.

The packages we offer

Many share useful things through podcasts and recorded in high quality. Get access and start subscribing on related platforms.

Starter pack

This package is ideal for clients looking to record the occasional content. It doesn't necessarily need to be a podcast - can be a shareholder update, special announcements or simply trying something new.

Enterprise pack

For those that want to have weekly bookings, we suggest the enterprise level package. This monthly subscription gives users priority access to studios and assistance with production.

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Let Podwave Studios be your partner in creating high quality audio and video content for your audiences.