The perfect podcast studio in Perth

Let Podwave Studios be your partner in creating podcasts and video content for your audiences.

Podcasting made simple

The beauty of our podcast studio is its simplicity. We believe creators need to focus on making the content, leave the technical aspects to us. We can also help with audio/video editing, customised short video clips for social media channels, podcast distribution and strategy to make sure your content engages effectively with audiences. 

State-of-the-art recording facilities

Our West Perth podcast studio is fitted with the best microphones, audio equipment, video cameras and switchers ensuring pristine audio and video quality.

Acoustically optimised

Our spacious podcast studios is carefully designed to eliminate ambient noise and deliver clear, professional sounding recordings.

Flexible recording options

Whether you're recording solo or hosting panel discussions, our podcast studio can accommodate various styles, adjustable furniture layouts, remote guests and live stream capabilities.

Recording a podcast at Podwave Studios

What we do at Podwave studios

Podcast Production

From recording to editing, we handle the entire production process, ensuring your podcast sounds polished and professional.

Studio Hire

Access our top-notch recording studio equipped with advanced technology for a seamless recording experience.

Podcast editing

Let us improve the audio quality with careful editing, noise reduction and audio enhancement for a refined final product.

Distribution Guidance

We provide insights on how to effectively distribute your podcast across major platforms, expanding your reach and audience.

Live Recording Events

Host live events, town halls, panel discussions and podcasts in the studio to engage with your audience in real time.

Promotion Strategies

Learn effective promotion techniques to boost your podcast's visibility and utilise short video clips for social media.

“Almost everyone in Australia is listening to a podcast but the knowledge and experience to create them is lacking. That’s why we started Podwave Studios – to make podcast production easy and accessible”

Ben Kosterich


“In the digital age, your brand’s credibility is mirrored in the quality of your content and your content is your handshake with the world. Make it a firm one through professional production.” 

Ray Mancini


What is a podcast?

Podcasts are a medium that helps present genuine and authentic conversations to audiences. The reach can be global and highly engaged.


Shows that are focused on discussions and interviews have been the catalyst for the success in podcasts. It allows individuals and companies to express themselves to an engaged audience.

Story telling

People love stories and podcasts have helped revolutionise the way we enjoy them. The ability to articulate a narrative and engross audiences blends the beauty of books and film together in one.

Start your podcast today

Our location

Level 3, 16 Parliament Place, West Perth WA 6005

Let Podwave Studios be your partner in creating high quality audio and video content for your audiences.

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